Our Brand Mission


Why We Created Sacred Space Design

We want to give you stellar and thoughtful kitchen and home designs, while being your advocate and voice during the whole remodel.

We’ve seen firsthand how difficult it is to coordinate and connect the dots and different parties when trying to run a major production. It often falls on the homeowner to juggle contractors and designers needs.

We Want to Give Homeowners...An easier way to buy cabinets and an installed process that comes with peace of mind - and we want them to be able to do it all from the comfort of home, in the space where the actual transformation happens. Not in a showroom.

Products & Services

  • Mobile design consulting

  • Kitchen and bath design using 20/20 Design Software

  • Project Management

  • Custom and semi-custom cabinetry

  • Cabinet hardware

  • Countertops through Sudbury Granite and Marble

  • Hardwood flooring through Revel Woods

  • Plumbing appliances such as sinks and faucets from various manufacturers

  • Lighting and decoration from various manufacturers