Hardwood Flooring

Premium quality, responsibly sourced, expertly curated hardwood flooring by Revel Woods.

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Passionate about Flooring

Founded by lifelong flooring industry veterans, Revel Woods is deeply passionate about hardwood flooring - and dedicated to matching you with the floor that’s right for your space.

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Game-Changing Selection Process

With the “Revel Wood Selector” - an online tool that simplifies and personalizes the flooring selection process - Revel Woods is a pioneer in their industry. For the first time, homeowners can shop for flooring online while taking into account your personal needs, climate, subfloor and lifestyle.

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Ethical Practices

From the ingredients used in the wood finishes (all nontoxic), to the fair treatment of the employees who bring the raw lumber to hardwood flooring, Revel Woods’s floors are versatile, sustainable, renewable, and can be locally sourced to support the economy and forest management initiatives.